Ontario Motorcycle Licensing

September 4, 2009 3 comments

I just want to rant about the licensing laws in Ontario Canada.

So my main beef is that the process is so difficult to go through. I have written my M1 threes times and faile it three times! One time while I was waiting for mt full “g” test ( the license that lets me drive a car by myself) I heard a tester say to another tester ” I’m gonna fail this next person”. That comment wasn’t directed towards me because I was fifth in line which meant that I only had a one hour wait. Now what this tells me is that because it it is a burecracucy, or however you spell it, they don’t have to be nice to you. Licensing is a product that is someing that you have to jump through hoops for. It is pretty much the same for insurance. It is all such a scam.

So I have to spend an afternoon waiting in line for a test that I am guaranteed to fail. Compleet bull bull shit if you ask me.

Dont worry about the spelling or grammar, I just want to rant. It has been a long night at the bar and I want to get some keyboarding skills under my belt while I got some beer drinkning skills above my belt.

Seriously though http://www.youtube.com/user/beardyman is the greates new musical artist known. ya?

Get up, get on up. Brrrrt, pfffft pfftp zigga zigga zaa. This is not funny.

The typing practice kick ass.

I really hope no one reads this but im gonna post it any ways. Probably delete it tomorrow.

Whatever, What I’m trying tho say is that the whole government burecarcy thing is shit and makes you bend and take it.

I really like this whole blogging thing. Really, I have not logged into warcraft for about a week which is amazing because I hada  real wow addiction going there.


i guess I an done ranting and want to just tell every one that http://www.lakeicefishing.com is my new site, which is through wordpress and it is awesome.

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September sucks.

September 1, 2009 Leave a comment

diditsnow So its getting colder out and that absolutley blows when you want to go for a ride.

Yesterday I had my first experience with cold weather riding. It was only 15 degrees out. Ya thats right farenheit sucks. It was also raining and I only had mesh gloves on. Luckily my BMW 650gs has heathd grips which prevented me from going completly numb. My neck was still cold and I was shivering like a wimp while riding at 100kph. Hopefully the weather can hold on for a while because I really want to ride throughout October and possibly November.

Maybe I should invest in some warmer gear. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to get? Maybe a scarf or nice mittens. Definetly gotta get something on my legs.

Oh well. I just want ride as much as possible.

The other day when I was out and about I was just minding my own business at a red light when it happened. The electrical system on my bike completly died! I was so pissed off! The only thing I could think was f*** f*** f***! For some reason I was not being all that logical so I just stood at the side of the road worrying. Because I have a BMW, I have a nice warranty and roadside assistance, but none of that really matters because I didn’t have a cell phone on me.

After about 10 minutes, someone on a harley came by and asked if I was ok. I shook my head “no” so he stopped and asked me what was wrong. About this time some one else on a harley stopped and offered his assistance. I told them the electrical system was dead and they asked where the battery was. I got to the battery and just had the reconnect the cable and she was running again.They made it look too easy.

It was so nice of two people on Harleys to stop for a douche like me on a German bike. I know I am such a rookie but that how I learn. And I will never be making that mistake ever again. But I will be making other ones, hopefully I can get through those.

I didn’t get their names but to whoever you are I would like to thank you both for your assistance.

Peace Justin.

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Westney Road Ajax

August 20, 2009 Leave a comment

The other day it was an absolutley beautiful day outside so I found my way over to Westney road in Ajax Ontario. From there I headed North through winding gravel roads and very hilly asphalt. It was quite a blast and I put about 200 km on the F650 before I got home. I got a few pictures of the roads and one of my moms roses.

These first two pictures are from the same spot on the road facing North and South.
Westney Road South

Westney Road North

I don’t mind straight stretches of gravel and dirt but this stuff started to twist and made this newbie get a wee bit nervous.

I know this has nothing to do with my bike at all but they are really blooming nicely and im sure my mom wants to show them off.

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Hello Internet

August 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Welcome to my new blog about BMW’s 2009 F650GS motorcycle. I will be adding pictures, videos, and all sorts of other content about my adventures on my new bike.

BMW 650gs yellow field.

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